Meet the Poets

Our poets come from all walks of life and from all over the globe.

We welcome submissions from those who are new to the craft and those who have written their life in words; From those who have been published and those who are yet to share their words with the world. All are welcome to submit.

The Poets Collective

Rayna Hutchison | @herheartshapedbox

Rayna Hutchison is a poet from Auckland, New Zealand. In 2016 she founded Her Heart Poetry, a digital poetry community based on Instagram and digital poetry zine. In 2018, she co-authored You/Poet: Learn the Art. Speak Your Truth. Share Your Voice. She is also the Lead Creative for the Poetry on Postcards movement and she personally handwrites a message to everyone who signs up for a postcard.

Rayna’s poems can be found in Series 1: Summer Breeze and Series 2: Bottled Up Hope.

Ron Barton | @teacher2poet

Ron Barton is an English teacher who has three collections of poetry published by Ginninderra Press (If God is a Poet, 2012; Unremarkable, 2014; On Matters of Life and Death, 2018). His poetry has featured in physical end electronic journals and anthologies, displayed in public at the Sydney Fringe Festival and the University of Western Australia, and performed at poetry slams and recitals.

Ron’s untitled poem is featured in Series 2: Bottled Up Hope.

Marc Bayard | @bayard.marc

Marc Bayard believes in the power to influence our experience of life by engaging the heart and mind with words. His French poem, Ces Visages de Passage was read publicly to raise awareness of homelessness. Two of his Instagram poems are featured in the poetry anthology And We All Breathe the Same Air published by Augie’s Bookshelf in early 2019. He resides in Montreal, Canada, where he is finalizing his poetry collection A Time of Mourning to be released in the near future.

Marc’s poem, A Very Long Winter, is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Elowen Grey | @elowengreypoetry

Elowen Grey is a poet and self-proclaimed “creature of the wind”.  She loves exploring the themes of light and dark within the human experience and emotions and tries to capture these moments with as much honesty and insight as possible.  When she is not writing, she can most likely be found in a cozy bookshop or out exploring the natural wonders around her.

Elowen is the community selected Poet Electe for Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Reneè Jasmin | @awildlygentlerebellion

Reneè Jasmin is a poet residing in a beachy town in Queensland, Australia. She is new to sharing her writing with the world of Instagram but has adored poetry and storytelling from a young age. Reneè is a seeker of everyday magic and believes the written word has the power to unite and bring people together with shared experience, love and light.

Reneè’s poem, A Buried Hope, is featured in Series 2: Bottled Up Hope.

Sara Kelly | @sara_kelly_poetry

Sara Kelly is 26 years old and resides in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio, in the United States. Sara has recently had work included in the anthology Wildflower Warriors, the 2018 edition of Her Heart Poetry’s The Annual, and in the literary magazine Nightingale and Sparrow. Sara is a poet at heart, and love is a recurring theme in most of her work.

Sara’s poem, Layers, is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Rebecca M Newman | @rebeccanewmanbooks

Rebecca M Newman lives near the coast in Perth, Western Australia. Her poetry and a playscript have been published in Australia’s educational publication, The School Magazine. In 2019, Rebecca was the recipient of a three-month Paper Bird Fellowship (Poet-in-residence) in Fremantle, Western Australia. When she’s not
writing, Rebecca is the managing editor at Alphabet Soup’s website, which provides a forum for children’s own writing and art.

Rebecca’s poem, Indian Ocean, is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Greg Silver | @strange.establishment

Greg Silver is an American poet from San Clemente, California. He is known for his collections of micropoetry, often inspired by his journey through life, love and heartache. His most recent publications include Train River Poetry’s Spring 2020 Anthology, and his debut self publication, My Manic Heart.

Greg’s poem, The Becoming, is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Grace Stevenson | @susurruspoetry

Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Grace Stevenson is a freehearted and intuitive poet. She enjoys observing the small details that form the human experience and expressing her deep appreciation for faith, love, nature and self discovery through her work.

Grace’s poem, Migratory, is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Dipendra Tamang | @thangbalay

Dipendra Tamang is a peace builder by profession with expertise in post conflict recovery. With a loyal following on Instagram, where he shares his musings on love and life, he enjoys cycling and fishing when not writing poems. In 2017 Dipendra published his first anthology, Queen of Hearts. Born in Nepal, he now calls Australia home.

Dipendra’s poem, pages, is a special addition to Series 2: Bottled Up Hope.

Bianca van der Kamp | @vanderkampNL

Bianca van der Kamp is a poet living below sea level in the Netherlands. Currently writing short yet layered poetry inspired by the growing process of nature and human beings. She is hoping wholeheartedly to make the world a tiny bit lighter with her poems.

Bianca’s poem, at land’s end, is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Alise Versella | @alise0x

Alise Versella is a Pushcart-nominated contributing writer for Rebelle Society whose work has also been published in COG Magazine, Entropy, Enclave, The Opiate, Ultraviolet Tribe, What Rough
, and Elephant Journal, among others. Alise has worked with author Francesca Lia Block and Women’s Spiritual Poetry, whose latest anthology, Goddess: When She Rules, raised money for the
Malala Fund. Kirkus has called her “…[A] boundlessly energetic and promising technician [who] crafts a unique blend of the symbolist and the confessional; a talented, promising newcomer.” She performs at
local coffeehouses in Southern New Jersey and has taught poetry workshops at local libraries and schools.

Alise’s untitled poem is featured in Series 3: In Swings the Tide.

Wilder | @wilderpoetry

Wilder is a creator and writer who dreams with her eyes wide open. She is the author of two poetry collections including, #1 Best Seller, Nocturnal ☾ and Wild Is She. In her work, you will discover an experience that brings you closer to the wild and self love. Wilder will leave you curious and inspired to explore the world around you.

Wilder’s work, both words and art, are a special addition to Series 2: Bottled Up Hope.