Series 1: Summer Breeze

Our postcards are bespoke creations that combine curated images with thoughtfully selected poems. Each of our collections is a limited series of postcards, all of which have been individually numbered.  Once a series is finished, no more will be produced.

Our first collection is titled, Summer Breeze, and has three postcards. Each postcard is limited to 50 only. The collection is called Summer Breeze as these postcards will begin their journey on a summer’s breeze, from Auckland, New Zealand.

Series 1: Summer Breeze
(November 2018 – February 2019)

Nourish | Art and words by Rayna Hutchison
A Lesson in Autumn | Art and words by Rayna Hutchison
Run Riot | Art and words by Rayna Hutchison

Series 1 is now closed with all postcards in the collection being sent.